Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chic Thai Food at Mango Tree Bistro

I never thought  Thai food can be this stylish.
When I think of Thai food, I somehow correlate it with street food and food carts.  Not to belittle it or anything, it's just that one of my fondest recollections of Thailand is our street food adventures near our foster parents' house when we had a mission trip there years back.  Food carts, eateries, and even 7-eleven stores can be found in almost every street corner of Bangkok.
We've been curious with Mango Tree Bistro since it opened in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. The concept is a notch fancier than the restaurants in the mall and the idea of a Thai bistro intrigues me.   So after H gave me a new camera last year, we finally had an excuse to be more adventurous in our food-trips/dates.

Caution:  These photos are a year old, so I'll try my best to remember as much details as I can.

The restaurant has a bar/ lounge-like ambiance with low lighting, black furniture accentuated with violet and orange colors, and ohh, it has background music. Yes, I remember hearing some music.  The lighting, on the other hand, is too dark for my preference.

Modern Lighting Fixture at Mango Tree Bistro
As soon as we're seated, H & I were given an Ipad. Aba, sosyal!  Too bad the gadget is only good for the menu.  Akala ko pwede maggames or maginternet, as in full service na!  Hihi, abuso.

Mango Tree Bistro Electronic Menu

For our appetizer, we ordered crispy catfish flakes with mango salad. Sarap papakin nito.

Yum Pla Duk Fu

Of course, it ain't Thai food without the classic Phad Thai. H is allergic to shrimps, we had it served on the side.       
Phad Thai Goong

Mango Tree's version of Pad Thai is very simple.  But since the flavor and ingredients of Phad Thai Goong are not overwhelming it can easily be mixed & matched with another dish.  Tip: if you're trying a restaurant for the first time, always ask for their best sellers & specialties.   Also order a familiar food so you have a benchmark in mind when comparing it.

For our meat, we ordered grilled pork spare ribs with honey.  I really like how they presented it, very nice  platting.

Mango Tree Bistro, Trinoma Mall, Restaurant, Thai Food
See Krong Moo Yang Nam Phung

See the back portion, it's screaming  "I'm hot!"

Mango Tree Bistro, Trinoma Mall, Restaurant, Thai Food
Check out that chili!

I had iced Thai Tea to pair with my meal.  I don't remember anything special on this drink, just plain ol' black tea w/ milk.
Mango Tree Bistro, Trinoma Mall, Restaurant, Thai Food
Thai Tea - Iced black tea with condensed milk

Overall, H & I enjoyed food trip / date at Mango Tree Bistro.  The ambiance, food and value for money are good.  And we distinctly remembered that the service was also superb.  The waiters are very attentive and pleasant.  Can't wait to try their new branch at Fort Bonifacio!

Ohhthat! by Tin

Mango Tree Bistro
3rd Level TriNoma Mall (beside Power Books)
EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No. 585-5460

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  1. if i didn't read through and just looked at your pics, i wouldn't be able to tell it's a thai resto. :)

  2. waaaahhh! pad thai!!! this was supposed to be part of my side-trip-food-trip during a business summit in manila some 2wks ago... i hate myself now for cancelling this... :-(

    1. Aww, don't be. Next time you're here, check out their new branch at the Fort. Much much bigger! :)

  3. This place really looks cosy! The food looks delish, too! :D


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