Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chinese-Filipino Fusion at Panciteria Lido Cocina Tsina

Buchi, Dessert, Rice Cake
Buchi or Butsi | rice cake for desert

With or without Chinese genes, I'm very much at home with Chinese-Filipino fusion.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  It's practically imbedded in our history.

We visited a friend in the newly opened Lido Restaurant in Commonwealth last weekend and enjoyed their affordable yet very filling food.  H isn't exactly a fan of Chinese cuisine because of his shrimp allergy but Lido's Honey Lemon Chicken sold him out.  (Too bad it's not available when we dropped by.)

Lido Rice Topping Menu

Since we wanted to taste as many dishes as we can within a budget, we all ordered Lido's rice topping meals. Everything looks familiar so no need to fuss on what we want.  Classic favorites!

Chinese Food
Beef Broccoli Rice
Spareribs, rice
(Spicy) Spareribs Salt & Pepper
Lumpiang Shanghai
Lumpiang Shanghai

On the side, our friends had us try Lido's deep fried Tofu that is crunchy on the outside yet so soft (taho-like) inside.  Yum!  We also had a big bowl of hot beef brisket wanton noodles, which is a must to go back for!

Deep Fried Tofu
Beef Brisket Wanton Noodles

After our hefty meal, I thought I can't hold more space for dessert anymore.  Dah! There's always room for dessert - even if it's rice x_X.  The group shared a buchi or rice cake plate with red bean paste filling and a mango topped ice shavings to finish off our dinner.  What a treat indeed!

Mango Topped Ice Shavings with Milk

By the way, service at Lido, Commonwealth is also good.  We were welcomed and served nicely with cheerful staffs.  You need to put some allowance though when you go there on a weekend.  Place is packed even at  9pm.

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