Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dining at Home: Fish Fritter + Java Rice

Can you believe all of these are left overs?  With a little tweaking and a whole lot of love, tada!  Good food plating creates a world of difference.

Eating starts with the artistic presentation of the food.  Most of us start to taste / "experience" our meal with our sight, before we can even smell, touch or taste it.  

Every detail we put when serving shows how much we value those people we are serving it to.  So even if it's an ordinary meal with the family & just dining at home, I say we take the opportunity to be creative & show our love with our food presentation.  

Personally, I get most of my ideas from food magazines, cookbooks, food blogs and when we're dining out. It's a good feeling to see my husband's look when I serve him his food (looking surprised and excited to eat).  Then he'll ask pa,  "na picturan mo na hun?  It looks really nice!"  Ohh, diba?  

Simple meals can look extra special (and sosyal) by just presenting it well.  And lastly, good plating leads to excitement & food enjoyment, then eventually better digestion!.

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