Monday, April 16, 2012

DWF: Pepper Lunch Express, Trinoma

Beef Pepper Rice - Express (Php 145)

Ever since my friend Steph introduced to me this Japanese sizzling plate at Pepper Lunch, I've been constantly ordering it whenever we are at Trinoma 2/F Foodcourt. 

Long queue but service is quite fast

You have to note though, since Pepper Lunch Express is a quick-service restaurant, the affordable prices (cheaper than in their regular dine-in restaurant) come with slightly smaller portions than what you are used to.   So for big tummies (like me), you might want to upgrade para hindi bitin.

Better mix the plate as soon as you're settled down.
Itadakimasu - Enjoy Your Meal!

Steph & I are giving Pepper Lunch Express an Ohhthat! mark.

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  1. I like pepper lunch! I actually eat there with my cousin since her bf works at their Megamall branch :D must try their salad ^_^

  2. Glad to hear you love us and thanks for passing by! Great post by the way! :-)

  3. Nice post! Thanks for passing by PL Express!
    We are opening our second Express this July in the newly to open Robinson Magnolia mall in new manila.

    Stay updated:


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