Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer Buddies: Celeteque Sun Care

Celeteque Hydration Moisturing Mist, Celeteque Sun Care Skine Relief After-sun Gel, Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer
Beat the Heat w/ Celeteque Sun Care & Hydration Line +

Can you feel this summer's heat? Ohh boy, Manila is burning with 35 degrees or so... feeling hot, hot, hot to the max talaga!

Recently, I noticed my arms and face are starting to get itchy and red. It's SUNBURNED! Though I haven't been to the beach, I realized I'm constantly exposed to the sun when I drive to work and stroll outside.  So to help me beat the heat, I tried Celeteque's Sun Care Skin Relief After-Sun Gel & Matte Moisturizer w/ SPF 30.  I found the Celeteque Hydration line compatible to my sensitive skin after my friend Mae made me try some samples, so I'm pretty confident the Sun Care line will do the same.

So far, I'm happy with the results!  The face moisturizer w/ SPF 30 is not that heavy on my face and I can comfortably wear makeup after applying it.  While, I instantly fell in-love with the Skin Relief After-Sun Gel!  It smells really good and it helps alleviate my sunburned skin.  I also use the Moisturizing Mist once in a while to freshen up. :)

Anyway, how's your summer so far?  

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This write up is not a paid ad.  I bought my Sun Care Products at Watsons - SM.  For more info on Celeteque, visit ;)

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