Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Letter for Camy

To my dearest friend and faithful companion,
Where can I find a friend who automatically adjusts in any situation?  A friend who lets me see and appreciate the micro details, and sheds focus on matters that I would have missed?   A friend who gives me all the credit, while  silently slings back rejoicing with our accomplishment?

Only you, Camy! 

You've been so patient - waiting for the right time, demanding little space & care... braving the chaos inside my gigantic bag.  We shared so many fond memories together that H had to buy external HD so that Lalatop wouldn't crash again. 

For all the late-night pictorials after cooking H's baon, the places we've discovered, the food that we gave life to, the emo nights we shared, and the priceless smiles we collected - THANK YOU.

You've seen the world as I saw it, and sometimes even more!

Praying so hard to see you again...

Missing you dearly,


Ohhthat! misses you too...


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