Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PFW: SM Ladies' Fashion Spring Summer 2012

SM Ladies' Fashion Spring Summer 2012 Show was a major disappointment for us.  We were stuck in a 2.5 hr traffic along EDSA and totally missed the show by a couple of minutes!  Felt really bad for Rachel of The Fashionist Architect and my two babies, Han & Sky - who was supposed to experience their 1st PFW pa naman. Haizz.. T_T

Ohh well, to savor some PFW aftermath, the girls and I did a couple of OoTD instead (in our Parisian shoes).  Thank God we were able to catch up with some of our friends too.  

Here's to missing the the show! 

My babies, Sky & Han (in Parisian flats)

Arch. Rachel still smiling :)

Lovely Ian w/ her new Parisian Wedge Shoes (nice sis!)

Dear Alpha taking a pose during her 1st PFW

Fabulous Mamae, my sis-in-law

All in the Family - Kai, Jen, Jordy & Laura

A big thank you to Laura & Jen for arranging the tickets and scoring a loot bag for us.  Very much appreciated! :)

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  1. aww too bad I wasn't able to join you! T_T then you almost missed the show! but at least you were still able to attend ^^,

  2. @Alice: naku we totally missed it! :( anyway, hope to see you again soon.. :)


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