Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maryknoll / Miriam College SWATCH


H & I did a quick visit to SWATCH last night and found this unexpected gem!  Lo and behold, the blue and gold limited edition Maryknoll / Miriam College SWATCH watch! 

Being a true blue Knoller (ohh, yes from Nursey till College), I got to have one of this.  

The MC SWATCH was released mid December 2011 but was only made commercially available this January 2012.  It is a fund raising project of Maryknoll HS Class of 1958, wherein proceeds from the sales will benefit the Miriam College Museum.

According to MC Souvenir Facebook Page, "the Miriam College Museum is envisioned to be a  learning source for past, present and future members of the Miriam College community. It is a means towards a deeper understanding of school's roots, the honoring of its founders, and revisiting the vision that gave birth to Maryknoll/ Miriam College in 1926.   The museum also provides the link for the community to value the challenges and struggles through changing times that gives the school character and strength.
As a fitting tribute to the school's colorful history, the MC SWATCH therefore, not only symbolizes the passing of time. More importantly, it is a reminder to all of us of the importance of remembering and learning from the past, in order to celebrate the present and create the future."
For all the Knollers out there, let's show some school spirit and support this project. Nice naman, diba? 
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