Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bang! Bang!


First time to hold a real gun.

I tagged along with H & my father-in law at the shooting range along E. Rodriguez, QC last weekend.  It was a surreal experience -  I never thought I would hold a real gun in my life!

At the counter

For non-members (like ourselves), average fee / person is P1,300 which includes use of facility, rent of gun, and 2 magazines or 32 rounds of 9mm toxic-free bullets.  

preparing my gear before action

I used HS 2000 9mm hand gun. It's the lightest they have but unfortunately w/ the strongest recoil ("knockback", "kickback" or simply "kick"), and it's made of plastic!  They only allow the use of hand guns and their non toxic bullets in the shooting range - so bringing your gun or owning one is not really required.

the target
my booth

The shooting range is at the basement - airconditioned, well - lighted, clean and has a coffee shop adjacent to it (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe).  We were not able to try the Cafe, may be next time...

Mini Cafe for Guests

Ample Sitting Room

As first timers, we were given a short lesson on how to handle the gun.  The coach is very pleasant and guided us throughout the session.

Basic Gun Handling Lecture
Sorry Pa, you can't do that! Pang-anime at pelikula lang yan. LOL
Practice Shot
H trying the 10meter range
Empty Bullet Shells
My Board - Not bad for a first-timer!

I tried 5m downrange only.  For the first round, I keep on hitting the upper portion of the board before the instructor adjusted my gun point.  Turned out, it was pointed slightly upward.  On the second round, I did good with several bulls eye. :)

The experience can be addicting.  It's a nice sport/ hobby to engage in if you have the budget for it.  If you plan to do practice shooting often, better enroll and become a member (P5,000/year).  This will cut your cost into half per visit.  As for me, I guess I'm satisfied already with the fact that I held a real gun at least once in my life! Mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ko!  :)

H's board - 5m (w/ tape) & 10m

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  1. werethe basic lessons were free? my huby and i want to try it out but am afraid we have to pay extra for basic lessons..

  2. yup! the basic lesson for first timers is free :)


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