Friday, January 20, 2012

My Blue & Gold

Ecstatic to have my very first SWATCH!  H saw my excitement when we spotted this MC edition in the store (as in nag-light up ako!), so he gave me one as his post Christmas/ New Year gift.  Sweet! :)

Front Cover w/ the swoosh design
Clear Casing
Close up
Lock at the tail
Look! It has lil crystals as markers :)

Interesting,  I never thought I'll go ga-ga over my school even though I practically grew up and spent nearly all my life there.  I guess it comes with age, I am more sure of myself now and have accepted that every bit of past made me who I am - strong, well-rounded, environmentally-aware, proud Filipina, & disciple of Christ.  Taas noo! :)

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  1. its so cute! I remember I had my first swatch watch when I was in elem kaso black sya pero super love ko yun! too bad nasira sya kasi naupuan ng brother ko :(

  2. Wow!!!! i just hope there UE.....


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