Wednesday, December 5, 2012

XX Days Before Christmas

Family + Friends = LOVE

Ohh, dear! Less than a month to go before Christmas.  Here's my list of things to do for before this festive season.  I know it's a bit late for this, but better late than never, right? 

1.  Clean House & Decorate

De-clutter to accommodate new things!  Can you believe last year's unwrapped gifts are still in our storage?  The fabulous diy Christmas tree is still in the works... I wonder if it'll materialize this year? But more importantly, all I want for Christmas is a spick-and-span house (including the walk-in-closet)

2.  Make a Christmas List & Budget

Christmas bonuses and 13th month pay are great but got to think long term.  In prep for next year's expenses, H & I will have to be creative with our gifts this year.  God help me with H's Christmas wish! x_X

3.  Calendar Events

Plan activities & prioritize to save on fuel, time, and money.  Consolidate events if possible, help plan events to manage expenses, and focus on things that will last - friendship, family & food? Lol

4.  Start window shopping & placing orders

Oh my.  

5.  Start on my dream board for 2013

More importantly, have a personal quiet time where I can start visualizing my 2013.  Then, start putting those thoughts to a collage or drawing book.  What I've learned about dreams/visions lately- "if I can see it (clearly), I can do it!"

How's your holiday prep doing?

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  1. You have quite a list! I hope you can get it done by the end of the year. Happy Holidays!



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