Friday, December 7, 2012

Sparkling Wine Ice Cream Float Experiment w/ Spy Wine Cooler

Spy, Cherry Float Ice Cream

Thinking of something different for your Christmas drinks?  How about a sparkling wine ice cream float?  I know it sounds silly.  It was really just a crazy thought but after we tried it, eureka!

Spy Wine Cooler is an authentic wine-based sparkling drink that comes in a variety of  flavors with no bitter after taste.  It comes in 3 variants: Classic, White, and Red. SPY Classic is my favorite.  It's light and sweet w/ only 5% alcohol.   SPY Red has 6% alcohol of blended Thai grapes & sparkling water.  SPY White is champagne base with 7% alcohol.

Now on the Sparking Wine Ice Cream Float, the idea came after purchasing 2 packs of Spy drinks in a food expo mid this year.  After hearing about its sparkling (aka.carbonated) water content, which is the same substance in soda drinks that creates a "foamy" reaction to the ice cream, I dared H to try it as a float.  Why not, right?  Then, the rest is history.
Spy Wine (I prefer Classic flavor)
Vanilla ice cream
Cherry for Flavor
How to Make Sparkling Wine Float:
1. Pour chilled wine in a small glass.  Half full only to give room for the foam (ice is optional)
2. Add a scoop of ice cream  (or 2!)
3. Top with cherry for sossy presentation
When using tall glasses, place 2 scoops of ice cream first before pouring in the sparkling wine.  Then, add another scoop on top.

Easy, right?  Anyway, let me know what you think.

For more info on Spy Wine Coolers, visit their facebook page:  IWantMySpy.

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