Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 2012

Modern DIY Christmas Tree

We still don't have a Christmas tree this year. But I'm glad H finally agreed to have a DIY tree as long as I don't spend a penny on it. Hay, pressure!  
If only we have a wall for these,

Modern DIY Christmas TreeDIY Christmas Tree

Modern DIY Christmas Tree
String Light Tree by cb2

May be a stand alone will do,

DIY Christmas Tree
Makedo Christmas Tree by

DIY Christmas Tree
The Branch Christmas Pot by

I'm targeting this weekend to put up one before the parties start.  Crossing my fingers for it! 

Ohhthat! by Tin

Unlabeled Photo Sources
1. Walled Ornaments from
2. Joy & Love Frames by cb2 
2. Logs from

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  1. I like the wooden Christmas Tree!!

  2. I like the branch tree! :) We don't put up Christmas trees but these ideas are very creative :)

  3. OMG I love, love, love the ideas!

    We also dont put up Christmas tree, but hey, I can probably create a heart-shape wall art ;)

    Thanks the share!

  4. Cute! I like yung wall thingy. very minimalist! And hey, welcome back to blogging, tin! haha! :P


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