Tuesday, December 4, 2012

H's Christmas Wish

folding bike

First, he wanted rubber shoes for running.  We bought a matching pair.
Then, he wanted sports attire.  His sister took care of it.
Now, he wants a folding bike.

I faint.

I got worried when I seeing grown up decent-looking men pedaling a peculiar looking bikes w/ small tires.  I asked H to describe what the bike looks like to clarify.  Boom!  All along, I thought he wants a normal-looking mountain bike same one I had long ago.

Oh, dear.  I cannot imagine him in it. 

folding bike
Schwinn Folding Bike

After a few online searching, there are a lot of styles and sizes to choose from pala depending on your required convenience and budget. 

Montague's The Boston - First 700c Fixie via www.foldingcyclist.com
Dahon IOS Folding Bike Line
Dahon IOS Folding Bike Line via www.foldingcyclist.com

Then, there's this stylish Switch from Australia.  Just don't look at the price.

folding bike
Switch via www.businessday.com.au

 Another cutie for gated communities or rural use

CYCLONE III via brommieskywalker

Manila seems to have a growing community of hobbyists & folding bike commuters.  We even had a folding bike festival early this year.  Hayyyy, let's just see how long H's "bicycle pace" will last.

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