Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fish is in the Box, Pinoy na Pinoy!

Pinoys love fried food for some reason.  It's not necessarily a comfort food but more like a "convenient food" for on-the-go peeps.  

So what's in the box today? It's the marinated boneless Century Bangus Belly -  something quick, easy & healthy (I still used vegetable oil! hehehe @.@). I added a kamatis* for the dip, 'di pwedeng walang sawsawan mamaya diba?  I'm thinking of either crushed kamatis, pinch of salt & a bit of water or salt, vinegar, garlic & pepper...  Ohh, I can't wait to try it!  

So, what's your baon today? :D

Food Tip:  Don't chop the kamatis yet.  Wash and pack it as is to avoid spoiling the food. :)


Thank you for sharing your "Ohh, that!" thought/s. :)