Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ohana : Happy Grandparents' Day!

My Ina.  Photo taken during my wedding ♥♥♥

"Ohana" means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.-Lilo

Here in the Philippines, we have very close family ties.  No body leaves a family member behind is a general rule, which is sometimes practiced to the extreme by living together in one roof forever!

Among the national celebration days, I truly appreciate Grandparents' day.  Our Filipino-Asian culture sets us apart from the western countries where it's most often "convenient" to leave their grannies/parents in a nursing/ retirement home. Though it's practical, ohh dear i personally do not have the heart to do it!   I can't even imagine sending my lolo & lola or even an aged old-maid aunt in there.  If a family was able to raise a kid, why can't a clan care for their aging parents?  

I grew up with my Ina (Lola) around. Being the eldest in the family and the first apo (grandchild) in my Dad's clan, I got the limelight for quite sometime from her. I remember the home-made creamy leche flan, crushed crispy crablet w/ a touch of vinegar rice topping, hot chocolate champorado & tuyo (hihihi puro pagkain), and of course the sako!   I think my fondness in cooking came from her.  Ina's presence while I was growing up made a huge impact in my life.  She thought me about faith, about living simply, and that tough love is still love (this is where the sako or rice sack part comes in x_X).

Now that I'm married and living very far from them, gosh i truly miss her.  She has the most amazing laugh! (ok i'm on the verge of crying na *sniff

Let's make this day something special for all the Ina, Ama, Tatay, Nanay, Wowo, Wowa, Lolo & Lola! A simple call can truly brighten up their day.  There's no better time to tell them how much we cherish them than today! :-)

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Ohhthat! ♥  Ohana


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