Thursday, September 8, 2011

Albay Bound : Anniversary Trip

Gloomy day in Mla. Raindrops poured down as we boarded the plane

Organizing an out-of-town trip in August means a high risk of rain fall.  But in spite of that, this year's pick was in one of the areas in the Philippines that experiences wet season all-year round!  

Napa-pray pa talaga ako sa prayer room ng airport for a favorable weather...  ^_^

Albay is a province located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. The eastern areas experience no dry season with heavy rain period from December to January. The western areas have more or less heavily distributed rainfall throughout the year, and the central areas have a short dry season from November to January.  The province is known for its picturesque perfectly-shaped active volcano, Mt. Mayon.  It serves as a beautiful background of Legazpi City, the province's capital.

ANYHOW, our bonggang anniversary getaway trip this year was a success.  Our Day 1 has so many things to thank God for.  I felt God's w/ us during the trip as He's w/ us from the beginning of our relationship. (naks!) ☺  

So counting our blessings that day...

Stress-free check-in thanks to my doting parents who brought us to the airport about 2+ hrs before the flight!

H enjoying his "ME TIME" on his laptop :D

Good weather for flying in spite of the rain in Manila & up north!

Spectacular view before landing, i missed to take a pic oh Mt. Mayon!:-/

Nice lil' surprises from our resort! Will share w/ you in abit... We ♥ it! :-)

Pandan lei-like necklaces :D

Best of all, I have my best friend and lover w/ me.  Ayy, the best talaga! :-)

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  1. wow!that top view photo from the plane catch me! :) thanks for sharing!


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