Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Happy Feet

I'm going to find us a great big UMPH!" Mumble to Erik, Happy Feet Two

Ohhthat! Gorilla Shoes.  Spotted this uniquely designed barefoot running shoes in the mall several days back.  I've been hearing about this trend early this year but didn't bother to check it since - well, it's weird!  Anyway, I finally did some research and found some cool stuffs that may be worth to give these funny-looking shoes a second look.

Barefoot running shoes promote proper foot landing that may decrease running-related injuries.  If I remember my physical education (P.E.) correctly, the proper way is landing on the forefoot before the heels to minimize impact that affects our skeletal system.  Those who run barefoot or with thin soles, tend to run with a forefoot strike.  While most runners, like myself, who wear traditional padded shoes, strike the ground on the heels first. Why?  Because of the type of shoes!

Based on Barefoot Running, people who tried barefoot running experienced different results but many reported: 
  • Less problems with recurring ankle sprains, chronic foot injuries, and plantar fasciitis
  • Greater agility
  • Less deformed toes
  • Improved balanced (which has helped prevent other injuries)
  • Prevention of varicose veins (thanks to increased blood circulation in the feet)
I wonder if this will give me some UMPH to my 10k steps challenge?  Whatever it is, I need to make a decision to M - O - V - E!   

"The word "triumph" starts with "try" and it ends with - UMPH!"  Memphis & Mumble (Happy Feet, 2006)

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