Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something Sweet & Nutty

Healthy You Trail Mix

I've been craving for something sweet & nutty (salty) lately.  Since the imported mixed nuts are expensive for personal consumption, I tried to do my own mix - argh! fail.  Thank goodness I spotted this Healthy You Trail Mix pack while doing our last minute grocery.  It's perfect for my snack cravings and budget!

 Healthy You is exclusively distributed by Robinsons Supermarket.  It has a variety of nut products conveniently packed for on-the-go snacks: Raw Walnuts, Mix Nuts, Premium Mix (Nuts), Pecan, Spicy Mix Nuts, Roasted Pistachios, and the Trail Mix.

Trail Mix contains raisins, choco chips, mini lentils, dry unsalted peanuts, roasted unsalted almonds, and toasted cashew halves. The whole pack (100g) contains 140 calories only - wait, since when did I start counting calories?!   Anyway, I need to hoard more of this on my next trip to Robinsons!

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