Monday, December 26, 2011

Bath & Body Works Manila

Bath & Body Works - White Tea and Ginger Lotion
I recently discovered White Tea & Ginger lotion from Bath&Body Works.  It has a refreshing fragrance that is agreeable to my highly sensitive nose (floral scent gives me sniffles).  Best of all, it's available locally at SM Department Store along with other Bath & Body Works products! :) Ohh, love it! 

How's your holiday so far?  Had to cut mine short due to work, but parties & reunions are not yet over! Meaning, it'll be a week-long kainan and get-together after office hours before 2012...  Happy Monday!

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  1. Hello! BBW is available in SM already? Whoa, that would be lovely. Love your site. :)

  2. Yupyup! Can't believe it myself. :) It has its own shelf, along side Victoria Secret.

    Thanks for dropping by my site. :)

  3. all sm dept.have a bath and body works products?

  4. @anonymous - I'm not sure. From what I observed, they only have a shelf alongside Victoria Secret perfumes etc.


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