Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey! It's Mickey

Who wouldn't fancy for a themed party for their little one these days?  For those looking for a Disney inspired birthday party, here is a sneak peek of a Mickey-Themed Birthday Party I recently attended to and see if it can spark an idea or two for you.

Minnie Mouse Welcome Greeter

Mickey Balloon Standees

From the table top to the stage backdrop, it's Mickey overload in the Main Hall. 

Party, Mickey
Where's Mickey?  The children must have enjoyed feasting on this.

Time to blow the cake. 1, 2, 3!

mickey, cupcake, birthday party, Disney
Close up on Mickey & Minnie Cupcakes

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Adorable Aubrey!

We enjoyed every bit of detail my dear friends, Mommy Tefel & Daddy Chris, did for this party.  And oh yes, even the adults enjoyed the treats!

Ohhthat! by Tin

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  1. This is wonderful, even my children will surely enjoy this kind of party, they love Mickey Mouse too. Mukhang mahal nga lang ang ganitong klase ng party.

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  2. I just recently went to a Minnie Mouse Themed party, which I was part of the decorating crew. Minnie Mouse party is trending huh.

  3. This is amazing, it just look so expensive birthday party, the most important thing is everyone enjoyed the party and mostly the birthday celebrant..:)

  4. So cuteeee! I love Mickey and MInnie. :) I would enjoy this party if I'm in it. :)

  5. Whao..that's a really fancy mickey birthday party. Lucky kid!!

  6. Themed parties are so in nowadays. Mickey and Minnie are popular choices, so adorable naman kasi.

  7. we had mickey mouse-themed on our son's 2nd year. Now we are decided to have a pocoyo theme since he loves pocoyo.

  8. Mickey/Minnie Mouse party theme is love. I have done a mini-party with Mickey Mouse theme for my son's second birthday. All are DIYs saka it's not that bongga kasi sa bahay lang.

  9. wow, that's a fun-filled b-day celebration...i'm a fan of mickey and i like the mickey decors and foods

  10. Wow! Boggacious party to the max! I like the theme, very cute!

  11. I'm sure every invited guest found the party awesome and even the parents too who tagged along with their kids :) Ang ganda!

  12. Soo pretty. A party I would like for myself (or maybe a hello kitty one :))


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