Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Thoughts: The Argh! Moments

It's one thing to dream but it's another to pursue it.

I read through Michelle's journey as an entrepreneur this morning.  She is a fashion designer and one of my favorite DIY blogger.  In her post, she admitted the birth pains and lessons she is learning as she start her business.  Let me give you some snippets of her post,

"A lot of times people who first find out what I’m up to say it’s really exciting to be able to do what I’m doing. And I fully agree and believe that – in no way have I regretted the path I’ve taken. But deep inside, I sometimes feel sad (and even embarrassed) that I can’t share this same initial bubbling excitement that I once had when I first started.
I love what I’m doing, but sometimes it does become a painful struggle. I guess I’ve pretty much grown into a seasoned relationship with this start-up business life. It’s no longer an initial courtship type of love that brings a glow in the face and overwhelming excitement with rose-tinted glasses, but more of a way of life that has grown to be part of me. Something that I know I can’t live without, but sometimes brings painful memories along with the joy." - Full story on Sharing My Journey at

Her story is very fitting to my thoughts today, which I posted on instagram earlier 

"Find something you're PASSIONATE about and STAY tremendously interested in it."- Julia Child

It is something I'm going through right now.  What I have been dreaming for years now is slowly unfolding before my eyes.  I'm praying I'll have the same courage and passion as I did when I first had this dream... and the perseverance to see it through especially when I am undergoing "argh! moments".  Haiz..

Happy weekend & keep on dreaming!


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  1. I would like to pray for your happiness, courage, strength and consistency in all you wish to do. I also pray for the fulfillment of your dream. May you be happy and I would be glad to read your blog of success! You can do it! God Bless!

  2. Keep a positive attitude always!=)

  3. Keep at it Tin! We all go through something like this, but you're one step ahead of most of us - you're already pursuing your dream while we're still just dreaming. :)

  4. They say, once we stop dreaming, then that's the time we stop living. I guess our dreams keeps us inspired in life and difficulties are always part of achieving dreams.

  5. I have lots of dreams. I am so hoping to fulfill them little by little


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