Friday, August 12, 2011

Chinkee's in town!

I'm thrilled to hear that wealth coach Mr. Chinkee Tan is giving a lecture on August 13 & 20, 2011 at Victory Metro East, Pasig City.  Thanks Kai for the heads up! :-)

I've heard so much about him from my sister, who's based in Cebu, and also found some of his books in my parents' drawer.  Mmm, may be I can have it signed during the lecture! :-)

The talk entitled, “Break Free from Financial Stress” aims to help everyone to understand and put into practice the correct craft of money management.  Don't worry, the lecture is far more than math/ finance!  (I surely don't need another lecture on that after my MBA >_<)  It's more than that, promise.☺ I'm actually particularly excited on the second meeting, Rich God, Poor God - Wow! Such revelation! 

Interested participants are encouraged to register ASAP to avail an 85% discount reg fee (from 3,500 pesos to 550 pesos), not to mention the chance to take home a free copy of Tan’s best-selling book, “Till Debt Do Us Part.”

Call 477-1212 or 645-1212. Limited seats only!

It's time to be RICH! :-)


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