Thursday, August 18, 2011

DWF: MANANG'S @ Midnight Mercato

Can you see the size of Manang's Chicken? YUMYUM!

Rarely we find ourselves free on a Friday night, so the moment I realized that our sched was open I texted H - "I'm picking you up, lets have late dinner at Mercato!"  

At 10pm, the street parking was already packed and we saw groups of people hurriedly walk towards the big lighted tent. Kaka-excite!

If I had it my way, I would have bought the first giant bbq I saw near the entrance.  Inside Mercato Centrale was a wide selection of food from dinner meals, snacks & deserts.   The combination of the appetizing aroma of the food, its vibrant colors, and the number of people going around the tent - ohh it's like fiesta! 

Good thing, H decided to walk a little more until we hit this long queued chicken station.  Let's eat here, per H.  Umm, are you sure? After worrying about the wait, I gave in.  Besides, I was curious too.

Manang's Chicken is tagged as "The New Fried Chicken of Pinoys."  Its menu looks similar to the growing Korean fried chicken restaurant in Manila. Can you guess which one? ;-) 

Since Manang's kitchen is exposed to the public, I was able to see how these flavored fried chickens were made. (Kwel! I can use this for my next attempt of Korean fried chicken) 

1.  Deep fry twice

I noticed the chicken has been floured

2. Coat w/ Manang's secret soy-garlic sauce

we went for mild spicy ;-)
3.  Do a shake, shake, then voila!

ohh, so that's how they coat it.. ☺

4. Don't forget to sprinkle sesame seeds before serving! ;-)

Super sulit! super like! :-)

Our first  time in Mercato was indeed a delight.  Two thumbs up for H for picking Manang's Chicken for our late night dinner. And two thumbs up for Manang's Chicken - the fried chicken were really tasty and the serving size is sulit!  The 2-piece chicken w/ rice meal  costs us P124 only.  Kaya pala sya pinipilahan! :-)

We can't wait to go back this weekend!  Hope to meet you and other foodies in Mercato Centrale.  :-)

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post. There are a lot of reasons why we are excited, one is because the number of people who love Manang's chicken is growing unstoppably and two, we have four branches opening soon this September in Taft, Katipunan, SM North and Megamall. :)And we are very thankful for your love and support.

  2. OHHMG! Manang read my post! Truly, truly delighted!

    We ♥ Manang's Chicken! (",)


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