Friday, August 19, 2011

DWF: TACLINGS @ Midnight Mercato

Taco, anyone? :-)

Our first  time at Mercato Centrale was indeed a delight (see related post), part of our midnight food trip last week were these bite-size tacos from Taclings!  Ohh, can't stop thinking about it... I want some more!

H & I were not able to resist trying it out  the moment we spotted those cup-shaped fried siomai wrappers made into tacos on egg trays.  How clever is that?!

Taclings! have 2 varieties - Taco Beef (in yellow shells) and Tuna mushroom (in green shells).  A set of 6 is Php60 (a bit pricey if bought solo), while Php100 for a dozen/ 2 sets (ok for sharing). 

Ohh, I should earmark this for my next lutulutuan* project!  ;-)

*(Filipino)Tagalog for cooking


  1. i know this! they're awesomely gewd!!

  2. Looks super yummy!!! I must try that soon!!!!


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