Thursday, August 11, 2011

DWF: Cello's Our Sky Garden's Secret Nook

Our classic favorite - Cello's Cheese Doughnut! ♥

Though we frequent SM North, H & I actually dread hanging-out there due to its lack of peaceful sitting area.  Kaya naman, we're so excited when we came across Cello's in the middle of SM Sky Garden.

So, what makes Cello's a perfect nook for us? I've listed our top random reasons why... ;-)

Hello! Cello's

Quiet Oasis - Cello's has a small sitting area inside the store w/ good air conditioning.  Since only a few people can sit inside, you'll be able to enjoy some solitude while eating your doughnuts!  Thank God.  For bigger groups, Cello's have some tables outside for Al fresco dining. 

Sofi enjoying her Oreo doughnut

Convenient spot -  Cello's is located beside a tea store highly recommended by our friends. A perfect match for after-dinner desert, right?

Tea + Cello's = Happiness!
Wi-Perk - Cello's has good access to FREE Wi-Fi (Yehey!)

Cello's Menu Board

Cello's Doughnuts (of course!) - Cello's serves a selection of tasty doughnuts for desert/ snack/ pasalubong!

Chocnut looks tempting :-)

Oreo & Cheese - classic

A box of Cello's Oreos for takeout pls☺

Ohh dear, I do hope Cello's remains our secret nook after this blog.

But nevertheless, I hope we all find our sanctuaries where ever we go. ☺


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