Monday, August 29, 2011

Pizza Man & His Surprise Birthday Treat


Pizza Man got his "mega-pizza day" wish on his birthday via HOT ON THE DOT Pizza Hut Delivery.  

So who's Pizza Man?  

Sino pa ba? He's no less than my dearest H!  Yup, we fondly call him the Pizza Man for obvious reasons.  A box or two would brighten up his looooong work day - including me! (since I don't have to cook x_X)

Anyway, the surprise was just a spur of the moment thing. I called Pizza Hut delivery to deliver to H's office, paid my order in their nearest branch (located very near my workplace), and then called them again to confirm my order with my OR details.  

H got a FREE PIZZA via Pizza Hut Palm Card :D

H was so surprised when he got a call to go to the lobby to pick up his pizza.  H to Delivery Man: "Kuya, di akin yan.. di ko babayaran yan."  Delivery Man: (smiling) "Sir, bayad na po yan."  Then, H saw the birthday note on top of the boxes - Aww, surprise from Wifey. (^∇^)

So, what's inside the pizza box?  It's H's favorite...

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Super Supreme!

The mega-pizza treat didn't end there.  To join in the fun, his buddies & I arranged another surprise treat during his cell meeting that night.  Six (6) family-sized pizza boxes, thanks to Pizza Hut Pair Deal (P419 for 2)!

The rose was NOT my idea.  x_X

Now, was that pizza overload or what?! Pizza Man definitely had a blast this year.  A big THANK YOU for all the love he received! >>>☺<<<

H's makeshift cake ^_^

I wonder how will the boys surrvive without us?

Ladies' cell gatecrashing H's cell meeting.  These sisters rock! :-)


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