Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spotted: Koko Krunch @ Rustans Fresh

Papicture muna! Alpha & Aldwin enjoying their Koko Krunch sample

My friends and I were ecstatic to spot Nestle's promo booth last week

Ate (Sampler): Ma'am bili na kayo para sa anak nyo (Ma'am, would you like to buy for your kid?)

Me:                 Naku ate wala pa akong anak.  ( I don't have a kid yet)
                       Para sa akin nalang, pwede! (I'ld like to have one for me instead!)

 ♥ Koko Krunch brings out the child in us, right?

Pweety ladies - Chen, Pau & Joy (Sofi's Tita)


  1. @tin: when was this? why am i not in the pictures? hahah. kidding. :) craving tuloy for koko crunch. :)

  2. @rache: i think this was last saturday, after cell ;-)


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